Release, Relax, Heal

Sound Garden Yoga

with Ru Henry

Welcome to the Sound Garden

Are you feeling the need for recharge or a reset.  Amid our busy urban lives there are few opportunities to feel nurtured and supported.  The Sound Garden experience invites you to feel just this!

Come and relax into the healing vibration of specialized instruments. 


Connect to learn more about enhancements to the sound and breath work. Based on your preferences I can add guided meditation, restorative body shapes, instruments or crystals to be used on the body, as well as Ayurvedic or Cranial sacral massage and energy work.  These all combine well with Sound Yoga.

How Sound Garden Yoga Works

In our fast paced urban life we are almost always in our fight or flight nervous system.  Your body does much of the healing and integrating needed for health during periods of calm, through our rest and digest nervous system.  Sound Yoga encourages wellness through deep listening and by connecting to the breath and our rest and digest nervous system.  My approach starts with gentle warm up movements and then takes you into therapeutic supported shapes. I describe gardens or landscapes as I introduce each instrument, placing the instrument within their specific landscape context.  The instruments used are chimes, seeds, crystal bowls and Himalayan bowls and each has been selected because of its' calming or healing effect on the body and nervous system.

Balance chakras

Get a good night's sleep

Calm urban stress

Release tension


Relax and heal

What I have heard


"You are so patient and intuitive with your instruments."

"This [sound bath] experience was a dream come true."

"Thank you again for an incredibly therapeutic sound bath last night. It was everything I needed (and more!)"

"It was such a beautiful experience and I felt really stabilized and calm afterwards. Had a deep sleep to prep me for a busy week."

"I won’t try to understand exactly what’s unfolding during the healing, but I know that I am benefiting immensely, and it’s exactly what I need at this point in my journey".



"Life is all vibration, rhythm and tone."

Connect with Sound Garden

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