Background... my journey

I started yoga many years ago in 1987.   Yoga and meditation have always been there for me through different stages of life in a diversity of places from Suriname, Scotland, the Southwest US to my current home, Toronto.   Along side yoga I  have had a long and rewarding career working with natural landscapes.  I am enjoying this new opportunity to integrate my fascination with nature into guided restorative offerings. 


I was introduced to sound therapy by Megan Marie Gates in 2016.  Since then I have been exploring Sound Yoga and these amazing instruments because of their potency in inducing a calm relaxed state.  My primary tools are Himalayan multi-metal bowls as these are particularly effective at connecting to our deeper brain waves where creativity and healing happen.

I have an awe and respect for the instruments I use similar to the sense of wonder I have for nature.  These instruments continually surprise me.  Check out the last video for a visual of what is happening to water (at about the same ratio as our bodies, 70%) within this Himalayan bowl. Perhaps you can visualize what is happening on a cellular level when we are receiveing the vibrations of these instruments.  


Currently I am on the journey of becoming a forest therapy guide, for more skills and resources for how we ground and connect with imaginal and liminal experiences with nature.                                 


Training and Certifications

Transformational Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher Training - February 2021

An intensive 8 week experiential and theoretical journey through the 5 koshas and 11 phases of yoga nidra with Ally Boothroyd.  The focus was on integration of the practice as well as teaching.

IAM Yoga 250 hour Certification - February 2020

IAM Yoga program curriculum includes Pranayama, Yin, Restorative as well as Hatha, Classic and Vinyasa flow styles with a focus on creative sequencing.   

The Art of Rest - Spring and Summer 2020

Scott Davis Holistic and Awakened Spirit Yoga provide an excellent two part experiential training in many techniques for resetting the nervous system, breath, meditation, acupressure, Qi Gong and restorative and yin postures.

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training - Octopus Garden 2018

Octopus Garden Restorative curriculum includes basic holding positions for cranial sacral massage, introduction to Ayurvedic and Chakra work as well as detailed information and practice for sequencing and supporting restorative shapes.

Additional Workshops and Retreats

  • Sound/Work with Megan Marie Gates, various workshops, retreats and mentoring sessions

  • Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training with David Emerson and Blue Matter Project (30 hour certification)

  • Ayurveda Immersion - 17 week long - 50 hour immersion in Ayurvedic lifestyle wisdom and 5 sense therapy with Tiffany Nicolson Smith, and Ayurvedic massage for yoga teachers with Andrea Olivera at Ayurveda Rituals

  • Crystal Healing with Liz Diaz

  • Chakras at Octopus Garden with Pat Harada Linfoot &  Lisa Messina

  • Yoga for Kids - Yoga Sanctuary - 50 hour certification

  • Stress Less Workshop with Lisa McMurtrie

  • Reiki Level 1 and 2 - Paramaribo, Suriname 

  • Mandala Prana Vinyasa Flow with focus on the elements, Shiva Rea,  - Yoga Alchemy & Yoga Campus - 27 hour certificate

Growth and expansion is a continuous journey.  Thank you so much to all who have helped me along this path.

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My Approach

The body generally knows how to calm and heal.  Sometimes we just need to give a little extra time and support for this to happen.  I think if you are interested in Sound Yoga this is something we can try together and see if this might be what you are looking for. 

Recordings may be a good place to start. On the Free offerings tab I am slowly adding a range of different restorative experiences so you can try and see which of these resonates strongest for you.  Once you have some ideas about what works best for you, I suggest we set up a tailored private session via zoom or in another way that feels safe for you, (perhaps outdoors), where we can explore further.  


You are totally the leader in this process, my role is to listen intently so that I can effectively guide you through the experience. All of these modalities affect each person differently, and only you know just how each experience lands in your body, and what experiences you may want to deepen the practice for.  

There are so many paths to connection and wellness.  To discover some other offerings see: