Free Offerings 

In our current environment we need all the tools and resources we can access.  In light of the difficulty with hosting events, I am uploading yoga nidras when I have the chance.  Check back as the sampling of practices grows.  Try out the range and see where you notice sensation, spaciousness and perhaps even discomfort and contraction.  This awareness will help guide whether you choose to work together and with what tools or experiences. I look forward to when we can get together as a group in the outdoor studio.  I am able to book private consultation in the indoor studio only at this time.  There are collaborations in other studios, to track these follow soundgardenyoga on instagram.

My studio is located in eastern Toronto, contained within Treaty 13 lands.  There is a long history of Indigenous use and stewardship of these lands by Anishnabek, Huron-Wendat and Haudenosaunee peoples that I now call home to, and have the privledge of planting, nurturing and caring for.  I welcome all who join me here with deep gratitude to all those who have stewarded the land before, and who will in the future.
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